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How the Pandemic Impacted Real Estate Two Years Later

Many of us have probably taken some time in our own thoughts to wonder what the world might be like today if the pandemic never happened. What would be better? Would there be things that would actually be worse? The last couple of years has had a large impact on every person on the planet in varying ways.How the Pandemic Impacted Real Estate Two Years Later

It can be difficult to look at the current situation of many different things and think that there has been nothing but bad come out of the last couple of years resulting from the worldwide chaos. Opening up a web page full of news headlines almost reads like we are spiraling into more negativities all the time. One of the biggest of them pertains to the economy and different...

Rental Features that Attract Top Tenants

If you are preparing a home to rent, congratulations! Real estate represents an abundant opportunity for passive income.

One of the key factors in making investment properties work is having honest, reliable tenants. To attract the best tenants, there are a few features you should make sure your property has to offer.Rental Features that Attract Top Tenants

1. School district

If you are looking to buy a rental that will be marketed to young families, make sure it is located in a good school district. Just like people who are in the market to buy a home, families looking to rent will choose the home in the better school district if possible.

2. Safety

Safety features will attract better tenants in nearly every case. Of course,...